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We have collected and placed on the map more than 16,000 practitioners in United States.

Our database is our attempt to give you an opportunity to quickly search and contact medical specialists in every state.

If you live in United States (not including rural areas), you will find professional help within 5-10 miles from you and contact them as soon as possible to ensure correct diagnosis and effective treatment plan.

We have divided all specialists in 3 categories:

  • #1: Specialists who deal specifically with vestibular disorders;
  • #2: Specialists who are likely to treat vestibular disorders but also capable of more general health assessment;
  • #3: General practitioners who can provide a general assessment and refer you to a specialist capable of addressing your health issue;

Basically, above division is done with your needs (as a seeker of professional support) in mind. The main reason is to address patients from both sides of the spectrum - from those who believe (or know) that their condition is of vestibular origin to those who are completely oblivious to the underlying causes of their dizziness.

The process is extremely straight forward but if you experience any difficulties, below is the step by step instructions.

  1. Locate the Search Box at the bottom of the map.
  2. Enter your address in the Search Your Location text field.
  3. Choose the Provider Level depending of your needs and knowledge.
  4. Set the radius of your search in miles.
  5. Click the preferred icon (location) on map to open up a box with provider's information.
  6. Search the Name in Google in order to find contact information (we're currently collecting all the required information so you don't have to use Google).
  7. Contact one or several professionals and consult about your unique issue.

We are continuously developing this service in order to create the best experience possible.

Our goal is to continue refining the data about the skills of each provider as well as collect feedback from patients about their experience and results of treatment. That way, working together, we can gradually separate trustworthy providers from organizations aiming for the profit rather than people's well-being.

Below are some of upcoming features:

  • Full contact information for every provider including phone #, email, and other important information.
  • Social feedback about particular specialist that will allow to separate trustworthy providers from the whole industry which is not always focused on the patient's full recovery but rather on a prolonged service in order to yield more profit for an organization.
  • One of the main objectives is to partner up with trustworthy practitioners in order to reserve special discounts for the patients referred by vertigotreatment.org
  • Finally, we are constantly improving your experience by developing more straightforward process free of misunderstanding in order to get you from the search to contact as fast as possible.