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Balance is more.

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Balance is More than Physical

Necessities of Balance

It would be a fair bet to say that we’re all searching for Balance. In our world of ups and downs, unstoppable unfolding of life experiences and relationships, we always seek that sweet spot that we call balance - the place where everything feels like it is working together through our lives, our health, our families, our bodies and our minds.

We love the experience, and the feeling of when we’re in that flow state, but when we’re not, when we’re out of balance, out of sync then life feels stressful, tenuous, and fragile.

Then, we open ourselves to the inner storm of judgement, shame, and guilt.

We tend to remain there - in this toxicity that blinds us further away from the center.

This "derailing" affects the rest of our lives - how we show up, how we are able to relate to our partners, our children, grandchildren or friends, and even more so - what we are able to accomplish.

We want to come back to that place, to that sweet spot. Or more precise, we want it to come back.

Most importantly, when we lose our sense of balance in life - beautiful colors and tastes of life appear less and less authentic, playfulness seem to be stupid, innocence becomes weakness, and curiosity to explore mystery of Life is perceived as a childish luxury for those "others" who don't know what are you going through.

What are the causes of this off beat course we’ve somehow found ourselves on? Many of us would answer “I lost my job”, “my health is not well”, “my husband left me”, or something to that affect.

We could probably all agree that when our balance is kicked out from underneath us we look outside attempting to find the cause somewhere else.

It's too difficult as it is to bear the pain of looking inside even though we all know there's nothing else we should be doing in order to breath fully again.

We believe that whatever happened out there needs to be fixed before we can work on fixing ourselves.

However, when we become willing we can find this tender courage to look inside and identify unexpected (and sometimes shocking and disgusting) causes of loss of balance.

These could be broken down much much further but for the purpose of this article we’ll talk about Causes for losing balance, what are the symptoms commonly experienced, how we are programmed this way, and how to bring more balance into our lives.

Causes for Losing Balance

We will discuss the very "surface" version of causes of imbalance. The reason is in our unique level of perception. This post is a sort of entrance door where you can choose whether or not you want to continue your exploration.

Basically, loss of balance is about misalignment - a deviation from how things should be in their inherent state of dynamic equilibrium.

In other words, all causes of losing one's balance are about ignorance to the way existence is, to our total delusion that we know more than that which creates worlds, your body, Life, or even this path that led you to this page.

1. Our Physical Health

Physical Health is our most surface level as human beings. Its imbalances are indications that we usually cannot ignore because they impair our daily races.

Often physical health conditions cannot be ignored until we make enough changes in our lives to resolve the problem.

It's a flashlight pointed to our faces so we cannot drive our car towards our next goal until we either close our eyes and die, or find a way to deal with it.

Losing physical balance in the body can be related to muscle loss, weight gain, out of balance Ph, low water intake, eating large amounts of processed food, little to no exercise, caffeine intake. The list here of what we do to or fail to provide our bodies with could grow for miles. At this stage we are sure to lose balance as we have failed to properly maintain the vehicle for our presence.

2. Our Mental and Emotional Health

For years I have worked with individual's who’s lives have been in a constant state of stress, or tension from traumas, losses, and other accidents thus throwing their entire equilibrium out of balance. Before their physical health could get better, before they felt as though they had more control in their lives they were in great need of watching their mental and emotional stability.

We live in a time when this is now beginning to be acknowledged with more scientific data. When our state of mind (meaning the types of thoughts that regularly occur in our minds and what we think is possible) are focused in one direction or another they can cause stability or devastation.

If we take a look at things such as grief, depression, anxiety, anger and other strong emotions that are a part of the human genome we can easily see that each of these states of mind comes not only from the emotions being felt about the scenarios that caused them but the thoughts, definitions and interpretations that we give those things in our lives. We’ll touch more on the science of it in a bit.

To look at how our thoughts and emotions effect our ability to maintain balance in our lives we must understand that our next steps, our course of action and willingness or lack thereof comes from our mental and emotional state of mind thus propelling us further out of balance or cultivating more of it.

3. Our Spiritual Health

Unfortunately this can be a tender subject for some, but we need recognize the role that is played in our lives from this place of wellness and wholeness.

The person who practices Catholicism, Ayurveda, Christianity, Buddhism or Atheism all have in common that they have a set of beliefs and philosophies about what life is for, what it means, what to do when someone passes, what to do when someone is ill and so on.

Without a strong connection to why we believe we are here, and what we are here for it is more common for us to become the victims of our circumstances, of our health, of our mental fatigue and our options for regaining our footing.

When we become engaged in a victim hood like state it is easier to lose balance in our lives as we are giving up our roots that keep us in alignment not only with our creator but who we think we are, why it matters, and that can stimulate meaninglessness, depression and fear which then seeps into the other areas of our lives. Our beliefs about our origin are important and effect immensely our ability to retrieve stable ground when feel out of balance.

Again, definition of balance will always remain an approximation of our subjective experience.

However, it's useful to share and listen... because what else makes us grow in a balanced way?

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Physical Balance and Your Sensory Input

Sensory Input Balance


Being out of balance in any of these areas can take on many forms. If you’re experiencing a loss of balance you may feel any combination of these symptoms (note this is not meant to be a complete list or diagnosis):

Memory loss
Muscle Soreness and Tension
Fatigue or Insomnia
Stomach aches and Heart Burn
Noticeable weight gain or weigh loss
Loss of appetite
Weakened Immune System/Increased susceptibility to common colds and infections
Ears Ringing
Anxiety about the future
Overwhelm with life’s demands
Sensitivity in areas that normally do not bother you
Loss of meaning in daily activities
Sporadic Crying
Feeling disconnected

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Our Programming

Modern Balance

One is concerned with existential contemplation to define balance. Another deeply believes in scientific method and trusts only numbers. But majority of us don't have any interest in a subject matter after the problem in-hands is temporary solved - when something that dragged our attention from our likes and dislikes is addressed so we can dive back into familiar.

Our symptoms, our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health are all tied together in an interconnected framework. Our framework is like our operating system that sends out signals when something has gone off line and gives out rewards when we are in sync and feeling balance within ourselves. We now know thanks to thousands of researchers and professionals around the world in every profession that this is so.

When we are talking about our physical body we call it Anatomy and Physiology, Emotional and Mental health is Neuroscience and Spirituality can be summed up as the core of our belief systems, ou philosophies and traditions in practical application.

Our programming biophysically directs us and signals us to regain balance. The symptoms listed above are examples of communication that we are given to tend to our loss of balance.

Great, you're finally worth something!


A car accident occurs and two women are hurt during the accident and need to go to the hospital. The Anatomy and Physiology of our
physical body kicks in working to ease pain, ease blood loss, or calm any physical trauma to the body.

Both women are physically stabilized however one of the them experiences difficulties - loss of balance - following the accident (Sandy) and the other woman (Eva) bounced back within weeks.

Sandy who loses her balance begins feeling more fatigue, isolates herself from family and friends. She experiences dizziness, headaches and muscle soreness regularly for months following her accident. This continues and she begins to feel anxious about her future. She loses hope believing that she will never be able to have normal relationships again, or pursue her goals, as a wedding curator, and event planner much less feel well enough to leave the house.

Why did one woman lose her balance while the other did not?

The first woman who was able to return to her life immediately may have recognized symptoms of being off balance, or perhaps had practices in place prior to the accident to return to in order to reestablish alignment and balance.

The second woman did not have those practices in place or failed to recognize the signs and symptoms she was being alerted to.

Much as the physical body rushed to both of their aid automatically to stabilize the body, our Mental, Emotional and Spiritual symptoms needs attention and aid as well.

Our spiritual life, or our philosophy about how and why things occur in the world determines for us the meaning that we assign to our circumstances. Now this may not appear to have anything to do with the rest of our lives but if we can take a deeper look we’ll see how that impacts the rest of our being.

Using our example above with Sandy the second woman.

If Sandy’s spiritual belief states that she is being punished for something, she will feel guilty, ashamed and disappointed that the accident occurred. These thoughts create emotions in the body, which then release stress chemicals such as adrenaline and cortisol hormones in the body that are signaling her to do something to bring balance back into her life. However she is not aware of the signals or symptoms and continues to excrete harmful chemicals into her body causing muscle loss, fatigue, anxiety and pain which in turn reaffirms for her that she is being punished.

The cycle will continue until the pattern is broken by making a shift in one area or another to reclaim some balance in her life.

Now let’s take the second woman Eva.

She heals physically, takes time to rest and has a spiritual orientation that states everything happens for a reason. She begins to feel some loss of clarity and balance. She recognizes the signs and attends a yoga class a few times a week.

Eva’s thoughts with her given perspective release oxytocin and dopamine into her body; thus healing and maintaining its strength rather than depleting it.

These are both extreme cases and every individual is in detail different with unique needs.

However the main point in this illustration is to show how our inner atmosphere is connected to our thoughts, emotions and then physical health.

So, in any given moment we contribute to learning and maintenance of balance, or our withdrawing from its center.

Bringing More Balance In

Wider Perspective on Balance

Here are some various ways that can help to bring more balance in to our lives. It is my recommendation to try them on for size and find the one that works the best. It is also important to recognize that not all practices will work with all circumstances in life, and we must be willing to cultivate flexibility into our lives to adhere to the ever-changing seasons of life.

Tai Chi
Running or other physical exercises
Reading or listening to something inspirational every day
Pottery or any other creative work
Eating less processed foods
Drinking more water
Less caffeine
More naturally grown foods
Hire a coach
See a Minister
A Masseuse
Try something new
Get out of the house at least once a day
Invent or build something
Be of service to someone
Do something kind for someone

Above all else do the things that show loves expression for yourself.

When we’re out of balance we need to take care, and time to listen and to heed so that we may regain our footing, replant our roots and begin to feel whole again, but it all starts with self love, listening to the cues we’re given and taking action to bring ourselves back into a state of balance.

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