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We are here to help you figure out the root of your dizziness, or vertigo.

We are here to remind you that balance and clarity is much more than well-functioning vestibular apparatus.

We are here to inspire you to work on yourself while providing you with knowledge, advice, and support.

our Team of writers

Dr. Shaina McQuilkie


Dr. Shaina McQuilkie is a practicing chiropractor based in Stoney Creek, Ontario. Dr. Shaina graduated from Brock University with a Bachelor of Kinesiology before obtaining her Doctorate of Chiropractic from D’Youville College in 2008. After graduating, Dr. Shaina worked in a multidisciplinary clinic gaining experience treating a variety of musculoskeletal conditions before deciding to open her own clinic in 2010. In addition to running her practice, Dr. Shaina has a passion for writing and works as a freelance medical writer for various clients in the medical field.

James H. Lyons, BHSC

Nutritional medicine writer

James Lyons is a clinical nutritionist with special interest in vestibular disorders, endocrine conditions, and LGBT health. He is passionate about health education and patient autonomy, and he supports resources that empower everyone to make informed decisions about their health. James lives in the eastern beaches area of Sydney, Australia and works globally.

Andrew Nobles


Andrew Nobles graduated from the University of Missouri-Columbia in 2011 with a bachelor’s degree in political science. During his stint on the Mizzou campus, he wrote for the student newspaper, The Maneater, covering a range of topic in the music and lifestyle beats. Also in his collegiate career, Andrew interned at the Lebanon Daily Record for two summers, fine-tuning his writing and photography skills. 

Aleksandar Grbovic, MD


Aleksandar lives in Belgrade, Serbia. Finished Faculty of medicine, University of Belgrade (2012). Worked as a medical representative in a pharmaceutical company, General medicine physician, soon to be Radiologist in the biggest occupational medicine Institute in Serbia. Crazy about forensic medicine. Passionate about promoting evidence based medicine to the layman, bridging the gap between the doctor’s and the patient’s point of view.

Pavel Kotlykov


Bio coming soon.

Mayar Magdi


Bio coming soon.

founder's letter

Hello dear friends, my name is Pavel Kotlykov. I am a 30-years-old civil engineer with a passion for web programming. Vertigotreatment.org started as my personal internet project that had grown into something much more meaningful than just an advisory blog.

You see, I've been living with my vertigo. Back then, I have learned various ways to deal with it and find peace when I'm not dizzy. It lasted for 3 years when I’ve began to look at it as a normal part of my life. I don't experience vertigo for as of today anymore. However, I’m really grateful that material that I’ve collected throughout the years still helps those in need.

What did I want with this website?

Initially, I've built it to give people valuable and relative information about vestibular disorders which have vertigo as the main symptom. In its core, this website is still about that. Except, we've expanded the ways we can help.

I wanted people to know that there are tens of thousands living and enjoying life while struggling with similar health issues. I wanted people to know that there are lots of ways to live and treat vestibular disorders in their daily life. And finally, I wanted people to have a place where they can talk with each other and share their feelings and experiences.

That's where we're heading today.

Thanks for reading and have an amazing day!
Pavel Kotlykov
Founder of Vertigotreatment.org

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